Friday, 19 February 2010

Flash Lip sync Project (ideas)

We have been given a project to lip sync sounds recorded by students talking about their experiences, to be produced in Flash. I have started by designing some of the mouth shapes in which i will be using for my lip sync. I have made some from side on and some from the front, therefore i can add a bit of dynamic to the characters and have them turning ect while they speak.

I decided i would create my characters based on fast food, as many students love fast food.

Here are some of my ideas.

As i have used fast food characters i would like my scene to be a burger bar. Here is a quick outline of what it will look like.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Background final scenes

One of our scenes was to use colour, i used a simple pallet using similar tones. I like the composition on here but colour pencil was probably not a good material to use as the foreground needs to be richer in colour.

We had to create a layout using pencil and tones, i like the perspective on here however there is a bit much detail, as it was for a layout.

The last background we were asked to create was a room with a directional light, i made an abandoned house using light beams from the boarded up window. I used ink and oil pastel to create this, in the original picture the light looks harder.

I might try editing these backgrounds in photo-shop to get a more stylized look.

Animation Background Project

These are my design ideas and sketches for my animation background.

Negative space drawing

I made this drawing in life drawing using a blacked out piece of sugar paper (using charcoal) then attempted to use a rubber to pick out the light on the model. I didn't get enough time to finish it but i want to try more of this in my next life drawing lesson.

Virgin Ident Project.

We have been assigned a new project, which is to create an ident for Virgins new web channel, the red room. I have decided to work in a group of three consisting of me Liam Fraser and Luke Jefferson.

We have decided to model a 3D vip bar in which we will animate a fly flying round. However i dont want to give to much away at the moment.

For the past three or so days we have been in the studio until we get kicked out at 9 and been working extremly hard. Our team is working very well together, discussing ideas, modeling the objects and adding texture to them. (however we are going to spend a few days to create textures and photographing different textures to assign to the objects.)

I am new to adding texture but i think i am getting alot better at it and the glass on the glasses is looking pretty sweet, as we have used refraction and reflection.

I have also attempted to make a Virgin neon sign but the glow only shows up in some camera angles.
Here is what we have done so far (low quality renders)

after effects

Well I've been creating some different projects in after effects using the video co-pilot tutorials to help. Ive learn't a lot recently in creating different effects in after effects so here are a few of the projects I've been experimenting with.

This for this, i was experimenting using kinetic type and camera movements, which would be seen in film trailers.

I also created this which was a lot more tricky then the first project i made, as After Effects cant handle extremely high quality images i had to use 8 different images at different zoom levels, which i then had to match them up and parent them to each other. I also created a star background which was supposed to be behind the earth, however this didn't show up when i rendered the project.

I am really enjoying working in after effects and have learn't loads since i started a few weeks ago, especially as i have never used After Effects before.


We were given an assignment to create the graphics for a live student news program called live at five.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Sketchbook work

We did a project looking at human form, to emphasis this we were given the task of replacing the faces, typically the hardest part of a human to draw, with an animal head, therefore allowing us to focus on drawing the figure.

I started out with some simple drawings, (almost line drawings) then used different media's to create different tones.