Friday, 4 December 2009

Old animations

I wanted to share some of my early animations i produced in my first year of college, mostly created with my brother Liam (3years ago).
After making these animations i knew i wanted to become an animator.

So enjoy...
There is half the screen missing on this animation however i dont have the original file to hand so this will have to do for now.

This is an attempt at a opening sequence for Amityville Horror, i used lots of different media for this, for example i scratched into 35mm camera film to create the scratchy effect.

This is one of my whiteboard animations using sound i recorded.

Walk cycles continued.

This week i filmed my own walk...

I am going to create 2d and 3d walk cycles using the essence of my walk, to do this i had to pick out the key points of my walk these are:

-Quick steps (a full 2step cycle is 1second long)
-Short steps
-Upright posture
-Little arm movement

My 2d walk took a couple of attempts to get it right as i had to experiment with timing. I think that i have captured the key points of my walk in this 2d animation.

We were given a generic rig for our 3d work. I found it much more difficult to animate my walk in 3d than in 2d, as i had to keep going back over it tweeking the positions to make sure my character was balanced, i think it works well, but there are a couple of frames that makes the walk look slightly robotic... i am going to keep practicing walks over the Christmas holidays, as practice makes perfect!

Walk Cycles

This week our task was to produce generic walks in 2d and 3d.

I feel that my 2d walk went rather well and i got to grips with it straight away.
I found the easiest way to produce the walk was to create the keyframes for the first step (the extended position, crossover point ect) then use them to create the in-betweens. Once i had done this i could then use the frames for the first step and copy them; changing the legs and arms by bringing the back leg and arm to the front and vice-versa. This method ensured that the steps had equal distance and created a symmetrical cycle.

I think that it turned out quite well as a first attempt at a walk cycle, but i need to work on the secondary animation a little more (the hands mainly) to produce a better fluid motion.

Our 3d project was slightly different, we were asked to produce a walk across a distance, using an already rigged model.

As a first attempt i think it went rather well, however looking back at it i think i could have added in some more key-frames to make the walk smoother.
I found animating a walk in 3d a much more difficult task then producing a 2d walk cycle.