Thursday, 6 May 2010

Its been a while since i have updated my blog... ive been pretty busy so i will now update you on what ive been doing.

We managed to finish our ident on time, although having a few set backs, such as rendering times... ect.

This is our animatic for our animation using the bar and a block to represent the character, this was to allow us to choose the camera angles we wanted and to achieve the flowing camera movement that we want.

One of the main aspects that we had to overcome was the shatter of the glasses, as we were quite new to maya it took us a while to work out how to use the dynamics. We had to play around abit until we got it how we wanted it. These are the tests we did for the shatter.

as you can see the dynamics need to be changed to make the glass fly apart more, it also needs to be cracked into more peices.

here is a test with the fly, again it is to slow.

Once we got the shatter how we liked it we had to import it into our scene then time it with the fly.

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