Monday, 12 October 2009

Digital Animation- First week

I started off my first week with a 2d animation assignment, I was asked to produce a 2d animation consisting of 12 hand drawn frames, using a light box to produce them.
The assignment was to produce a short animation morphing a circle into an object.
To make this i drew the first and last frames, first and then drew the frames in-between working in a systematic way to make the animation flow a bit better.

Here is my first animation from the corse.

This animation links back quite closely to some animation i was working on over the summer with my brother Liam Fraser. These animations were made using a whiteboard.

This is the first animation i produced on a whiteboard, i was just experimenting to see what i could create.

Here is my second animation i produced on the whiteboard, this time i was more interested in creating animation to go with the sound (which is all self produced). I also wanted to created more detailed scenes.

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