Sunday, 18 October 2009

Stopframe Animation

We have been looking at stop frame animation during our Animation Techniques lessons.
This type of animation has always intrigued me and, basic stop frame was the first type of animation we experimented with.

I have been researching at animators such as PES and Norman McLaren.

I had an experimental session using stop-frame animation to create this animation inspired by Norman McLaren to create this.

Both of these artists are phenomenal animators; however i have been more interested in the dark side of stop-frame animation, as it seems to break the rules of animation being a childrens media.

I found this short film created by Robert Morgan, called The Separation, in which has truly inspired me.

I love the dark and imaginative context of the animation and the smoothness in which it has been executed.
I find the detail of the characters and objects surrounding them amazing.

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