Sunday, 29 November 2009


This week we have been given the task to create an animation using anticipation and overlap, using two interacting characters, both in 3d and 2d.

My first animation was using Maya, using the Cubie character rig and use him to interact with a sphere, i chose to give the characters different characteristics for example the ball is annoying and the Cubie character curious then becomes fed up of the sphere.

My 2d animation was slightly different; in the fact we had to use two Cubie characters; one big, one small.
The small Cubie had to jump towards the big chracter to which the big character would look at it and react accordingly.

I chose to make the small Cubie jump into the Big Cubie then had the Big one ignore it and turn around and jump off of the screen, leaving the small Cubie sad.

This is my 2d animation.

*insert animation*

Although the idea was good i think i tried to put to much into it, therefore moving to fast.

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